Monday, 12 November 2012


40 years of exposure to the high decibels of jet engines and noisy aircraft tarmacs doesn't prepare you for the continual honking of car horns, truck horns, bus horns, auto-rickshaw horns, squealing of brakes, revving engines and all the associated noises of being stuck in congested Indian city traffic.  Entering Rajasthans capital Jaipur during peak hour sends my tinnitus symptoms of ringing in ears to new levels of discomfort.  Numbering around 4 million, it seems most of the cities population has converged on the roads honking us a special noisy greeting.

Enjoying a quieter moment.

We are almost chockers with cultural experiences but we will find room for another couple of palaces and forts.

Amber fort is an intimidating sight situated on a craggy ridge line overlooking the city of Jaipur and during the early evening a really interesting sound & light show sets out the regions colourful history.

Not far from our hotel is the city lake, and as is the case in this part of the world when you have a body of water you must plonk a palace in the middle of it.

We couldn't come all the way to India and not do a Bollywood movie.  Jaipur has one of the finest old cinemas still remaining in India and we manage to secure box seats, at $3 they are the best seats in the house.  

The cinema is like a blast from the past with 1960's decor, usher to your seat, kapok filled hinged leather seats, pop corn etc.  The crowd participation is fantastic with wild cheers for the good guy, swooning for the pretty girl and vigorous booing for the baddy.

Typical complicated Bollywood movie plot ensues, beautiful boyfriend and girlfriend have their happy relationship threatened when a hunky new boy comes on the scene.   We all know what happens when 2 chest puffing, head wobbling sparing bucks with too much testosterone come head to head.  Yes you guessed it, we have a seriously choreographed, highly colourful and dramatic dance-off.  The audience response is overwhelming with Robyn and I also caught up in the hype and cheering for our favourite leading man.  Don't worry, I won't spoilt it and tell you the ending, the movie may come to a cinema near you soon.

"Palace of the winds" is a beautiful pink and red sandstone building that was built so the royal ladies could observe every day life whilst concealed behind intricate lattice windows without being seen by the public.

And so it's on to the Taj.

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