Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Bucket list -Taj Mahal - ticked.

The city of Agra is a crappy hole with a population of 2 million and sustained only by it's close proximity to one of the great wonders of the world.

We were fortunate to experience a beautiful clear sunrise over the Taj before the smoggy haze eventually enveloped the stunning 400 year old white marble tomb, dramatically reducing visibility for the remainder of the day.

A couple of cheesy grins as we get to tick off a "biggy" from our bucket list.

Rakesh took us to a less frequented location on the south side of the Yamuna river away from the bus loads of tourists to watch the setting sun and our final mesmerising gazes at the awesome spectacle.

We've had a wonderful 3 weeks touring Rajasthan with our friend and driver Rakesh.  But we've just about used up all our rupees so now it's time to return for a night in Delhi before we begin the gruelling 24 hours of airport check-ins, security checks, humourless officials, transit lounges and tiring flights before we can enjoy the comforts of home.  This concludes Chris & Robyn's 2012 Rajasthan adventure.
Hoo Roo

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  1. Loved reading your blog, very interesting as well as amusing. I am also dragging my wife around Rajasthan in October, 16 nights with private car and driver, staying in same cities (mostly) as you. I also write travel blogs, so found your's to be especially interesting. I'll be blogging about my India travels on www.tomtwice.com